Padme Anij Espenschied
Mother of 5 Purebred Labs

Birthdate: Jan 1, 2006

New Year Babies!

6 Weeks Old

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Sabel shows how to get Momma's Big Ball without her knowing it.

Get between mom
and her Ball

Push it away so Mom can't see it

Sneak up on it and bite it.

Try to fit it in mouth.

Get tired, Lay Down & hope
Mom don't see it.

Hide because Mom
Spotted her Ball.



Did you see it move?

Tug Of War
There is a Glove in there.

More Tug of War

Whispering Secrets to Mommy

Wrestling Match

I'm Still on Top!


Sabel and Sara playing with the Cat

What is this?

A New Toy!!

This new toy is soft AND warm!

No Cats were harmed in this play Session.

Sabel and #2's First trip to the Vet for Shots.
Sabel is in front.

They Don't know what's about to happen.
Shots really don't hurt them. They even had
Banana flavored Wormer!

More Nap Time Pictures

Sabel Close Up

Sabel lying on me

5th Born Close Up

5th Born on the couch

The pups are pretty smart. They wanted on the couch but they could not climb up because they are too small.
One of them realized that when Mom was lying on the floor in front of the couch she could use mom as a step stool
and climbed on top of mom and then onto the couch! Now they all know how to do it!

Who Needs A bed when these stool legs work so well!

We Love Pigs Ears!
Sabel & #4 in the first Picture.
#2 is in the 2nd. Isn't she a Beauty!
I think she knew I was taking pictures and she was posing for this one!
(No she is not smoking a cigar)

I finally gave the last 2 pups temporary names. The Girl #2, is Sara, The Boy #3 is Snuggles.

These next pictures show Sabel taking the bone from Mommy, (Padme)



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