Padme Anij Espenschied
Mother of 5 Purebred Labs

Birthdate: Jan 1, 2006

New Year Babies!

Sabel's registered name is 

Sabel Maree

I have already registered her. Her papers will have to be transferred to a new owner. She has had her shots including Rabies. She was born in the house and has lived inside since birth. She is potty trained and loves to sleep at the foot of the bed and occasionally sleeps on my pillow with me. She loves to swim and has been practicing in my pond fetching sticks. She has hunting ability if you want to train her to hunt. She has a very good personality and is VERY lovable. She gets along with my 2 cats as you can see from some of the other pictures I have on them. (Check the links at the end of this page.) She was the first one born.  

That was Good!
Can I have some more?

This is me at my 1st Base Ball Game

I'm not allowed out anymore.

I thought that ball was mine.
The coach didn't agree.

Now I've been benched for the remainder of the game!

Are you going to throw that ball or just hold on to it?

This is my friend Oscar. He sure is a weird looking DOG.
I am not really sleeping. I am just pretending so that weird looking dog will come by and I can attack him.


Some Pics of Sara
I'm Keeping Sara. I wanted someone to keep Padme, her mother, company while I was out. Labs require a LOT of attention if you want them to be happy. I have noticed over the years of me owning Labs and watching others that labs do not bark much if you give them the attention they need. They mostly bark when left outside in their pen with no one to play with. Since I keep mine in the house with me they hardly ever bark. They do bark, usually when they want me to come outside and throw their ball or if I get visitors.

Sara sleeping in a bowl.

Sara sleeping with mom.

Sara sleeping with mom & Sabel.

Sara sleeping in a pile of junk.


Who Said Cats and dogs don't get along?

Sabel & Sara
Sara has on the Red Collar, Sabel has the Black.

They found a BIG Bug

And they played....

And they played....

Is it Dead???

I think I saw it move...

WOW! That bug made me tired!



Padma, Sara & Sabel




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