MON08 Interface


AASI's MON08 Interface is a debug interface that allows a PC to interface to a Freescale HC08 microcontroller's monitor debug mode.  It connects between the serial port on your PC and the standard 16-pin debug connector on your target.

The MON08 Interface lets the user take advantage of the monitor mode to control the processor. The user can directly control the target´┐┐s execution, read/write registers and memory values, debug code on the processor, and program internal or external FLASH memory devices. This  hardware device requires software on the Users PC to operate. This software is available from Freescale's Website.

I developed this board after a few years of working with the HC908 series parts. I finally worked out all the bugs and it is working great. I have tested it with the GP, JL and KX series processors. I am working on the GT series now. This device has a lot of the good features for the MON08 interface. It allows you to break a running program, it has an onboard Crystal to give you communication speeds of 9600 or 19200 baud and automatically controls the Power to your target so you don't have to manually turn on and off your target. It only operates on 5V targets right now.


  • Serial RS232 interface from PC to MON08 Interface allows for easy programming and debugging.
  • Compatible with HC08 family of microcontrollers.
  • Target Voltage: 5V driven to target, up to 100mA.
  • Target Frequency: 9.8304MHz Oscillator Installed for a  4.9152 MHz Bus Clock During Monitor Mode debugging.

If you have any specific questions please email me.

Other devices of this same type sell for $199.

 $50.00  Includes MON08 Interface, 16 Pin Target Cable and Power Supply. Shipping is Free in the US. Outside the US Please contact me.

This device comes with a 30 Day Warranty to cover manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover damage incurred through use or misuse by the customer.

Here is a picture of the connector layout:



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