1985 FORD F350


Call 479-582-2995 for more information.
Ask for Brian or leave a message. This phone forwards to another phone so let it ring for a bit and it will go to voice mail if I do not answer it.

        This truck used to be a dump truck. The dump bed broke and I removed it and put a pivoting flat bed on it. I intended on putting a hydraulic cylinder on it to raise it but never got around to it. The bed does not come with the truck. I will have to remove it as it belongs to my brother. If you are interested in the bed I am sure he will be willing to sell it. The transmission is in great condition. I have never had any trouble with it. I call it Granny Gear because in first gear it is real SLOW and you could probably run over a house. 

    The truck quit in April 2006 while going down the road and I have not been able to start it since then. I pulled it to my property and parked it. I do not have the time to mess with it so I need to sell it. 

    The first picture shows the Dual tires. Click any of the pictures for a larger view. 

    The 2nd picture shows the engine.  We have recently installed a new distributor and shaft, Plugs and wires, Electric Fuel Pump, and carburetor. Spent over $300 so far. The coil was replaced a couple of years ago. The breather hole in the top of the engine lost the plug and oil has sprayed all over the place.

    The rest of the pictures show the truck exterior.

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