16 hp, 4WD, 3 Cyl Diesel, 6 fwd, 2 rev 3-Point Hitch and Front Plow

I am asking $3500 for this Tractor AS-IS. The starter has been recently replaced. The front tires are only about 2 years old. The rear tires work ok but will need replaced sometime soon. The tread is getting pretty thin.
The only reason I am selling this tractor is because I will have a backhoe here soon and will no longer need it.

The front plow is permanently attached and has controls on the right side just to the right of the steering wheel. It can be removed but not as easily as a 3-point hitch attachment. This plow works great for removing snow or smoothing out the yard.

The custom cup holder on the right is an aftermarket add on that I am including at No Charge. My brother Installed it after realizing it didn't have one. It comes real handy on those hot days.

The Draw blade is not included but I could be talked into selling it also. It is one of the better built Draw Blades with 4 adjustable tines to break up the ground while you are boxblading. I also have a one blade plow attachment and a 4' finishing deck I will consider selling.

Call 479-582-2995 for more information.
Ask for Brian or leave a message. This phone forwards to another phone so let it ring for a bit and it will go to voice mail if I do not answer it.

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